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User Input:

Fashion photography, 5 real models of a young people in front of an airplane runway, each with their own distinctive outfits and hairstyles, airplane with blue sky, ultra HD resolution, hip-hop fashion, luxury and extravagance, natural sunlight, single ponytail hairstyle, short hair, braided hairstyle and gold and purpule patterned luggage. Wear luxury handbags. Swagg fashion style. Wear bright colors clothes. Bright colors in a clear blue daytime sky background with real photo effect.

Universal Prompt:

Model 1 is wearing a vibrant yellow crop top, high-waisted white stretch pants, black and gold luxury sneakers, a silver and gold oversized watch, and carrying a bright pink luxury handbag. Model 2 is wearing a black bodysuit with iridescent sequins, distressed denim hotpants, silver and purple chunky boots, a bold silver choker, and carrying a royal blue luxury backpack. Model 3 is wearing a purple off-the-shoulder dress, high-waisted black leather pants, black and purple ankle boots, a statement silver and emerald necklace, and carrying a emerald green luxury handbag. Model 4 is wearing a bright orange tank top, ripped white jeans, black and gold sneakers, a braided hairstyle, and carrying a black luxury backpack with gold hardware. Model 5 is wearing a short black and white striped jumpsuit, high-waisted white leather pants, black and gold stiletto boots, a single ponytail hairstyle, and carrying a white luxury tote bag with gold straps.

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