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The yin-yang symbol, filled with nature on one side and a dirty cityscape on the other. On the side representing nature, lush greenery, tranquil landscapes, and serene elements such as trees, mountains, and flowing rivers dominate the scene. The harmony and balance of nature are depicted through vibrant colors and peaceful imagery. On the opposite side, representing the dirty city, chaotic urban sprawl, polluted skies, towering skyscrapers, and crowded streets characterize the environment. The scene is filled with industrial structures, polluted air, and the hustle and bustle of city life, creating a stark contrast to the tranquility of nature. The yin-yang symbol, typically representing the interconnectedness and balance of opposing forces, is portrayed here as a visual metaphor for the juxtaposition between nature and urbanization. This depiction prompts reflection on the relationship between human development and the environment, highlighting the need for harmony and balance between the two. --ar 4:5

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