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impasto,abstract, symbolizing maternal love with a minimalist style. Focus on the most characteristic parts of the carnations, in an abstracted form. Reinforce the theme of maternal love with subtle symbolic elements like a heart shape or the outline of a hand. Draw inspiration from minimalist artist Agnes Martin for simple lines and color gradation handling in the creative process,Maintain a color combination of soft pink and ivory white, with soft pink at 60% and ivory white at 40%, and add deeper pink highlights for depth. Choose a central symmetry or asymmetrical balance for the composition, based on the carnation's natural form. Create delicate textures with varied brushstrokes and build rich layers through color gradation. Use soft brushstrokes to mimic the natural curves of petals and employ gradient techniques for a natural transition of shades. Simulate the effect of light on petals with contrasting light and dark areas to add three-dimensionality. Examine and adjust the overall harmony, possibly tweaking the purity or brightness of colors for thematic prominence. --ar 3:4

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