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Desert nomad facing a sandstorm maelstrom, sun-bleached bones, sands of time, oasis mirage, ancient scars, stark survival essence

Universal Prompt:

A person is wearing a flowy, lightweight tunic top with intricate embroidery and tassel details, paired with loose, wide-leg linen pants. They accessorize with a chunky statement necklace made of sun-bleached bones and a woven straw hat to protect from the harsh desert sun. As a nod to the sands of time, they wear a vintage pocket watch on a leather band. To combat the sandstorm maelstrom, they have on sturdy leather boots and a scarf wrapped around their face. As they journey through the desert, they catch a glimpse of an oasis mirage and their eyes are drawn to the intricate patterns and colors. This inspires them to add a pop of color with a vibrant silk scarf tied around their waist. The ancient scars of the desert are represented in the faded, worn leather belt and bracelet they wear, reminding them of the stark survival essence needed to survive in the harsh environment.

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